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Offer luminaires or components to us

Do you have luminaires or components you would like to offer to us? Or does your company have some old stock of lighting-related products that would otherwise go to the scrapyard? can be a solution for you and your company. We have a big range of different luminaires and lighting components and are always looking to widen our product range. Our components have saved many luminaires and extended their lifetime by many years to come. With new components in our range, we could save many more luminaires to come. As our range gets wider we can provide more solutions for different lighting applications. It's also unnecessary waste to dump away new completely working electronics.

No matter if you are manufacturing new products or your company as a lighting manufacturer has outdated luminaires or components which are no longer in need in production. You can send us an email about the products you would like to offer to us. Fill in an Excel file for us to check with the following information:

  • Item number/your product code
  • Product Code
  • Supplier
  • Supplier Code
  • Product description (LED, LED Driver, Ballast, etc.)
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • (Other additional information you would like us to know9

After the proper information, we can check if we are interested in the products you are offering us. Waiting for your offers.

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