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Save energy with aLED KIDEFLEX LED strips

Check out LightShp's selection of high-quality aLED KIDEFLEX LED Strips.

aLED KIDEFLEX LED strips provide high-quality light, excellent color rendering index (CRI), and great efficiency (lm/W). Designed with over 35 years of knowledge and experience. At you will find aLED 24V LED strips with several different lumen packages and color temperatures so that you will find just the right solution for your personal needs.

aLED KIDEFLEX strips are also dimmable with a dimmable LED driver, which you can also buy from! We are constantly adding new models of aLED strips to our online store.

We have noticed excessive amounts of light in many locations, and we also instruct customers to choose lower-power options for e.g. mood lighting. This is only possible with a 250lm/m LED strip package with an electricity consumption of only 1.7W/m! Take a swing and illuminate your staircase or handrail, or even shoot the light upwards and assemble the strip for example on top of your kitchen cabinet for a fancy look. You can also light up your kitchen worktop for a fantastic work light with our LED strip equipped with very high Ra90. Start illuminating your home or home garden, like the best lighting companies in the business do, with the aLED KIDEFLEX LED strips!

Check out our selection of Constant Voltage drivers with or without dimming for your aLED strip: Constant Voltage LED Drivers

You can also save energy up to 84% with the aLED KIDEFLEX LED strips in comparison to regular LED strips. These LED strips have ultra-high efficiency, which means that these LED strips use less energy to produce light.

In the picture above, you can see a calculation of energy-saving in a brand new home. Right now we are building new modern homes that can use 500 meters of LED strip for decorative lighting. This means that, If you change the regular 10W/m LED strips to our energy-saving option you can save 4200W/h. This is a lot more ecological choice. In addition, saved energy equals saved money. This means that you can save over 1000 euros annually in electricity bills at the European electricity price level.

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