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aLED SUVISPOT Luminaires

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aLED SUVISPOT is a modern LED spotlight that brings out the colors of your home in an elegant and natural way. With this spotlight, you can bring the sunlight inside. aLED SUVISPOT uses cutting-edge LED technology that imitates the light of the sun. In general, the problem with the LED lamps is blue light, which can cause various irritations and make it difficult to fall asleep at night. In the aLED SUVISPOT spotlight, the amount of blue light is minimized so that it does not cause a blue light hazard.

When you want to design lighting with light quality first, aLED SUVISPOT is the right choice. Great for cabins, caravans, lounges, kitchens, and living rooms.

Bring out the colors

aLED SUVISPOT brings out the colors in paintings, textiles, and interior decorations in a natural way. Traditional LED lamps can even fade the colors and create a cold atmosphere. The light of aLED SUVISPOT is optimized as close to sunlight as possible, so the light is warm and renders the color naturally. 

How to choose the right LED spot?

When you choose a spotlight to your application, you have to think how much and how wide area you want light. If you want to highlight certain areas or objects such as paintings or sculptures, choose narrow beam like a 15°. If you want the light to be distributed evenly, choose a wider beam of 30-40°. 

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