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OLED Panels

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You Dream We LIGHT with LG OLED Light Displays!

Benefits of OLED Light

OLED is a form of lighting technology, an "are light source" that offers totally uniform, smooth and visually comfortable light with low glare and shadow thereby reducing eye fatigue. LG Display's OLED light panels provide an excellent option for the lighting designer, specifier and architecht seeking aesthetic pleasure as well as design flexibility. The OLED panels are safe to handle as it produces very low heat (<35°C). This means a person can be close to an OLED lighting panel without suffering any discomfort.

Premium Light Quality

OLEDs produce bright illumination that is at the same time soft and evenly diffused. As such, OLEDs create a pleasant atmosphere.

Extremely Thin & Light

Its slim structure and super-light weight allow for far greater freedom for interior design, shop fitting, and architecture as well as other fields that are open to the future use of OLED.

  • Thickness 0.88mm
  • Weight <20g

Natural Light

Among all high-efficiency/eco-friendly lighting sources, OLEDs have the closest spectral power distribution to natural light. This creates emotional comfort and is ideal for places where natural light is unavailable or for places where good quality light is needed.


UV light from artificial sources are sometimes used for beneficial purposes, such as for growing plants. However, UV light also damages the skin and can attract insects. OLEDs are completely free of UV light.

No Blue Light Risk

OLEDs, unlike LEDs, do not carry any blue light risk that can cause retinal damage leading to weakening or loss of vision.

Excellent Color Rendering CRI90+

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is an important indicator for the quality of the light source. OLEDs have excellent color rendering with CRI up to above 90.

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