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250lm/m 1,7W/m

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Decorative lighting – 250lm/m

250lm/m aLED LED Strip is great for decorative use, such as for floor moldings, handrails,
stairs and balcony railings. 250lm/m gives you atmospheric lighting
without wasting too much energy and it doesn’t make the decorative light
too bright and disruptive. 250lm/m is perfect amount of light for elegant look inside or outside your own precious home, you just have to decide what color temperature fits best for your own installation.

aLED KIDEFLEX LED strip is a new type of LED strip. Here are some of the great features of the strip:

  • 1.7W x 5m (reel) = 8.5W 1250lm
  • 1.7W x 10m (reel) = 17W 2500lm
  • Super high efficency – efficiency is >145lm/W @3000K
  • Ultra even light – up to 160 LEDs/m
  • 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
  • The best color quality – color rendering index CRI >90
  • Consistent quality – MacAdam 3-step
  • Super durable attachment – uses high-quality 3M tape
  • Lower wattage solution – better heat management equals to longer lifetime

aLED KIDEFLEX LED strip’s efficiency is >145lm/W @3000K. Regular LED strips’ efficiency is approximately 75lm/W. Meaning that our LED strips can produce the same amount of light with two times less power. Saved power equals saving energy and money, both beneficial for the environment and for your own wallet.

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