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Constant Current LED Drivers

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Our collection of constant current LED drivers is great for lighting projects of any size. Our selection of products includes dimmable and ON/OFF LED drivers. All the LED drivers provided are made of high-quality materials and meant for professional use but now they are available for everyone. Different currents are available from 60mA to 1400mA, flicker free and DIP-switch models are also available.

Are you looking for a LED power supply for a lighting project? Go through our products and you will find exactly what you need. We don't have any minimum quantities for our orders (Min. order 20€). You should also go and checkout the outlet product section for even more reduced prices!

Lighting is important for everyone and todays living without any lights is very challenging, lighting is needed everywhere. With LED lighting, you save precious energy in todays world and make a small but good gesture for the longevity of the worlds nature. With high-quality LED lighting, you can even improve the quality of human life when the quality of light meets people's needs, and these are the reasons why we at LightShop want to guarantee high-quality components for lighting projects for every company and individual. Check out our selection now!

At LightShop, we have a wide range of different standard LED power supplies with over 35 years of experience and knowledge of lighting industry and technology. The LightShop LED power supply range includes several of the best component manufacturers in the industry, such as aLED, ELT, Lifud, GE Lightech and Letaron. All the manufacturers we represent also have replacement options for you if you have used LED drivers such as Osram, Tridonic, Helvar, Philips or Samsung.

LightShop's LED drivers are available in many different wattages, voltage ranges and currents. Dimmable and dip-switch customizable LED power supplies are also common in today’s lighting. LightShop's LED constant current drivers are also available with various dimming technologies such as DALI and 1-10V dimming. IP ratings extend up to IP67, so it is also possible to find the right product for outdoor areas or, for example, wet rooms in a sauna.

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