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Vintage Light Bulbs

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We are pioneers in the lighting industry in terms of components. While modern solutions and energy savings are in high demand in today’s market, not all lighting solutions can yet be made in style with LED light sources. For this reason, we want to offer a wide range of different Vintage-style lighting solutions for those who need them. Our selection includes incandescent bulbs of different sizes and colors, e.g. golden, bronze, cracked, and clear.

With our vintage light bulbs, you can illuminate your restaurant, café or other business space that needs a warm and homely atmosphere, for example. Even the lighting of a home or restaurant terrace looks great in the warm lighting of these lamps, which also works in the interior lighting of your home, for example in the bedroom or kitchen, wherever you want to create an vintage atmosphere. We offer and you choose which lamps to use, check out our Vintage solutions and light up!

If you do not find the lamp you are looking for in our selection, you can contact us at and ask what kind of lamp you are looking for. Not all of our light bulbs are in the web store yet, so you can still find the right solution for your personal installation, ask and we will find out together.

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