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Light Control & Sensors

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Sensors for Controlling the Light Sources

We have great selection of lighting sensors at In our selection there is models for both type of installation: inside and outside of the luminaire. We have microwave and infrared sensors for professional use or as spare part for an existing luminaire. 

When you use sensors with the luminaires, you will save energy and extend the life time of the luminaires. As the luminaire is on only when needed. 

Merrytek Microwave Sensors

Merrytek microwave motion sensors operate in a different way that e.g. more commonly used passive infrared sensors. MW sensor sends out microwaves and analyzes the echo that comes back to the device. If the movement changes the echo pattern the sensor will respond and switch the light on.

The lifetime of a microwave sensor is around 50.000 hours and our sensors are completely dust- and smoke-proof.

Infrared (PIR) Sensors

You will also find a selection of infrared (PIR) sensors from With infrared sensors, you can easily control the lighting cost effectively. Models for walls and ceilings. 

Note! Almost all sensors needs to installed by professional electrician. 

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