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Powered by GE Lightechtechnology efficient and intelligent LED Drivers are still available from our webshop! These industry leading favorite LED drivers for many years are still the best there are, in regards of pure performance.

LED driver lineup by GE Lightech™ technology, is both highly efficient and intelligent still by today's standards, allowing you to power lighting systems that live up to your high-performance standards. Our GE Lightech LED driver selection is filled with constant current and constant voltage LED drivers with different wattages, currents, and voltages to give a solution for every LED lighting related need. Steady, rigid, long life, and compact, trust GE Lightech LED drivers to provide peace of mind and superior ROI through quality construction and reliable performance.

All GE Lightech™ Constant Voltage LED Drivers have minimal inrush current, giving as much flexibility as possible when it comes to electrical installations. GE Lightech LED driver inrush current value at only 2A is still the leading number in the industry for high powered constant voltage 12V/24V LED Drivers. Lower inrush current allows you to connect more LED drivers behind one fuse without going over the limit of the fuse.

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